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Whether you are looking to hire a landscaping company to spruce up your yard, or planning to do it yourself, landscape maintenance services can be a daunting task without a plan. With the rising cost of landscaping services, it is a good idea to focus on the important parts of your yard so as not to waste money on unnecessary services or ones that you like to do yourself. Many professional companies are now specializing in maintenance packages for their clients.

There are certainly several ways to approach landscape maintenance for residential properties. Following is a break down of these services organized into general “packages” that make sense for most home owners.click here you can get additional information about Water Wise.

Seasonal Maintenance-Certain activities in your yard that should be done at certain times, once a year. Bark mulch is spread once in the spring. Planting perennials or adding plants to your landscape is best done in the spring or the fall. Shrub pruning is done once a year also, in the late summer or early fall. The leaves in late autumn need to be picked up before the snow flies. Plus, lawn irrigation systems must be started up in the spring, and the irrigation lines should be blown out before the winter.

Continual Maintenance-Other landscape maintenance activities like mowing are done weekly throughout spring, summer, and fall. Weeding of planting beds is done periodically throughout the same span of time. Snowplowing is done as needed, day or night during the winter months. If you home has night lighting, someone should go through the light fixtures replacing any bulbs that are broken or not functioning properly.

Your Preference-Because every yard is different, it’s difficult to have any one-size-fits-all landscape maintenance package. Some people cut their own lawns, but hire landscapers for bed maintenance-edging and mulching, shrub trimming and weeding, etc. Still other home owners like to spruce up their beds in springtime, but opt for weekly lawn mowing services for the summer.

In general, landscape maintenance services usually involve a combination of those “continual” maintenance and those seasonal once a year items. They are designed around the most popular services that residential clients typically require most often.